OK, Let’s get this out of the way. I do not consider myself
a Super Affiliate! I do OK online, but no where near the income of
the people I visited with to do this report. All have given
the points below in different conversations.

Over the years we have watched so many good people try to make
an income online and fail. Why does this happen?

There are many reasons people fail but probably the number one reason is
that many people do not give it a fair chance. They may stay with a program
for six weeks, see no results, and hop on the next big thing to
come down the pike.

They do not seem to give any program a fair chance to succeed. They just do not
take the time to learn why they are not making it, they just go on
to the next and make the same mistakes over and over.

We’ve been there and until we realized we needed to take more time
with a program and learn what it really is all about, then let people
know what it really does.

We never join an opportunity unless we are prepared to take a year to
really learn what it takes to promote it properly. It does not always
take that long, but we are prepared to go that distance and give it and ourselves
a fighting chance to succeed.

So what is the way to break the cycle of failure and get to success?

Well, the Super Affiliates follow some basic guidelines.

1. They never use the program’s affiliate page.

They create their own pages with their own information.
This way they stand out because every one else is using the programs
affiliate page and the others all look the same.

The easy way to do this is to start a blog. It does not cost too much
in today’s world and it really is easy to do.

Our Blogs Are Hosted Click Here.

We use this source because of all the extras we get and need. It’s just a good value,
Plus if you want to promote it a little, it can pay for itself.

2. They write good headlines for their ads

So what is a good headline? A good headline is one
that makes people click on your ad and want to read about
What you are offering.

Be creative, but be honest about it. Most people are not going
to earn $10,000 their first month in an online venture. I am sure it
happens, but it is very rare. Do not lose your credibility by offering
something you have not achieved yourself.

3. They advertise everywhere

The guys at at the top seem to be everywhere in all the different formats:
Email, Traffic Exchange, Banners, Text Messages, Etc.

Why? People respond to different types of promotions. You really have
to be every where. Some folks like to click links, others like to open
emails. The parade of people out there all have different views on what
gets their attention and gets them to respond.

4. They keep at it with a burning passion

The Super Affiliates just do not give up.
They joined the program, they believed in it then
and continue to believe in it. They know they are going to succeed.

They keep going until they get it right and then
things start to happen, normally big time.
They constantly are testing and tracking their ads,
knowing that changing one word can bring a big change
in their results.

Super Affiliates Stay SUPER FOCUSED and do not let the minor
setbacks we all have throw them off balance. They Just Keep Working at their
goals till they achieve them.

So, if you follow all the guidelines above, will you become a Super Affiliate
making a monthly income that is more than most people make in a year?

Hopefully, Yes. The truth is there is an element of luck involved.
You just have to make your own luck in your own favor.

If you have taken the time to read this far down, your odds have improved
because you know what it takes to make it. It takes work, passion, and a lot
of good luck (mostly of your own making)

Good luck and thanks for visiting our site.

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